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 Un dia con bill kaulitz

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MensajeTema: Un dia con bill kaulitz   Jue 24 Jul 2008, 7:34 am

Bueno pues sorry, xo no sé de qué revista es, xo era muy interesante y qería

poneroslo!!!! va un especial de: un día con Bill Kaulitz Like a Star @ heaven

cuando tenga la traducción os la dejo ok?!?!


Scans de dentro de la revis:


One day of Bill Kaulitz’s (real) life
Loud moans within the bus. He’s having a good time again with someone from groupies – well, yes, just wonderful! Although, in any case, it can’t be Tom – he moans much louder. Probably this is one of the bodyguards, in return they promise girls to let them in backstage.
And where are we? Bulgaria? France? Italy? Only one thing is clear – we are abroad where we, at least, can still collect full venues.

These moans are unbearable. (It’s Georg moaning… probably the bodyguard mixed smth up andaporfis))) As well as my reflection in the mirror. And the last bottle of hair spray is over. Devil’s day!

Depression begins. Moreover Tom has just mocked at me because I have to give another stupid interview about love. About my dreamgirl. (If you found your dreamgirl, then you can say goodbye to the rest of your dreams)))). Moron.
And besides, why did he get a chic car as a gift and I didn’t!? (Because he’s a smart guy and you’re a pain in the neck )))) Maybe I should finally get my driver’s license too…

F***! F***! F***! The lock of hair was hooked with a thick silver chain and again I had to pull it out. And the nail polish on a little finger has already cracked. I’m so upset that it’s necessary to smoke a cigarette. (Terrible strokes of bad luck come one after another, but our Billchen doesn’t lose courage! True man! )))) But only furtively in a bus’ toilet, the fans should not know about it. Because I’m an example for them and all that.
In front of the bus little girls are screaming: “Biiiiiiiill! I want a child from you!” and “Show me your white sauce!” Hah, as if I am a cook! And don’t they sell mayonnaise abroad? (Actually they were screaming not about mayonnaise)))))

With crazy eyes our manager finally runs in. He mutters something like: “Superhit is written!”, “US market” and “World domination”. They made us sit in a van with tinted windows. Feels like someone is missing…
Аааh, Gregor, oops, Georg. He’s a band member too. (The bodyguard went to Gustav but Georg continues moaning)))

Well, finally something! A visagiste makes me human again! A TV show is planned for today’s program. Christ, and I still do not even know where we are.

The presenter asks us questions in the language unfamiliar to me. Tom doesn’t bother at all, without waiting for the issue, he simply tells about the 1425 groupies, with whom he had sex. (in May 2008))))
Scheiße, Gustav is not here yet. Probably someone left him in the van. (The bodyguard reached Gustav))) Christ, we’ll have to shoot it once again.

“Billy, it’s Stage-Time now!”
Oh, it seems that we play a concert today. Besides I need to finish a table tennis set with Tom. Thoughts about this clumsy fellow distract me again. The fans are singing our songs, I’m completely moved.

A large buffet was organized backstage. But there are only such exquisite things as shrimps, caviar etc. And I want Happy Meal! I have only to say that I wouldn’t refuse from rum and the bodyguard already runs to get it. (Probably Georg and Gustav went for rum)))) It’s so cool to be a superstar!

I was chosen as the second most annoying person in Germany, and because of that Tom keeps making fun of me now. What an idiot!
I was so upset that pulled out another lock of hair. However, I must put up a bold front and give the autographs to the fans. They scream “I love you!” so loudly that I already have a shooting in my ear. I hope this is not tinnitus. Gustav is already sick with it and now he became so rediculous. (Poor Gustav)))

Terribly tired, but our manager by all means wishes to go to a strip-club together with us. “Bravo” and “Bild” will be there too. I will have to put a banknote in girl’s panties, but still hesitate to do it. (He can’t even put in a banknote. What a nightmare!))) Tom, naturally, likes all that madly. (Of course! When the main competitor is dull)))

Only in the bus I remember: Scheiße! I forgot to buy a hairspray! Trying to understand where we actually were today. Maybe in France – all the time people in the strip-club politely called me “madam”.

Tom – girls-lover
Always dreadlocks
Tom, the guitarist from Tokio Hotel, says that there is only one person who can drive him out of his wits: this person is 10 min younger and his name starts with the letter “B”. While Bill combs his hair till XXXL size, Tom takes care of his dreadlocks. He says that he always ties them in tail, and in order to see his flowing hair you need to be with him in a shower: when they become wet, they straighten up and look like mythological hydra’s snakes. This comparison simply left without dreams thousands fans. The point is that Tom is a sex bomb of Tokio Hotel: he personally claims that he had sexual relations with many fans, and it’s rumored that he spent one night along with 25 girls from groupies.
Tom is 10 min older than Bill and 2 sm shorter, but they weigh the same. Their tastes often coincide.
Tom says that he had many different girls but with none of them he spent more then one day. He had 7 serious relationship but they were all based on lust.
Real sex
In addition to his incredible thirst for sex, he claims that he becomes ill of such frequency and sometimes has to invent excuses why he always wears sunglasses. It’s to observe what blouses and short skirts conceal. He also admits that he always achieves what he wants and he never has to choose a girl because they always always always choose him.
He’s got his lip pierced at the age of 14. He likes to watch action movies, go to parties and paint graffiti. He would never be able to dress like Bill, even if Angelina Jolie asked him to do that. He has 19 guitars and that’s a large number for a 19-year-old guy. One more thing: his most lustful desire begins with the fact that he enters the dark room along with Olsen sisters.

The truth about OP, future concerts and album…
- Bill, you had some problems with your vocal chords. How do you feel now?
Bill: Everything is ok, thank you. The operation went very successful, but the most difficult thing was my recovery period. I had to spend 10 days without talking, singing or laughing. I could not even listen to music. Then I spent 3 weeks in complete quiet because of my rehabilitation. After that we went to the US to release our English album and to play several concerts there. Now everything is ok. Everybody is ok.
- Besides the concert in Parc des Princess is there any other concerts in your schedule?
Bill: We will tour Europe in July. Italy, Spain, Scandinavian and Eastern countries. We should have been there even before summer, but most of the concerts had to be cancelled and you all know the reason. Most likely, that after the tour, we’ll
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Un dia con bill kaulitz
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